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Boosting - Keys To Success

Posted by DONALD BISTRAN on June 18, 2015 at 2:20 PM



Boosting - Keys To Success

- The highest value Boosting option is through the New User Boost. The New User Boost was introduced to help new users experience earnings and success more quickly. People with their New User Boost activated earn more from their posts (blogs, videos and photos), ads and all of their Boosts.


- Choosing the advanced option can yield higher returns for your Boosting portfolios, however it may take a good amount of trial and error before you reach your desired level of return on a consistent basis.


- Choosing the simple option can yield low to medium returns, but can be setup once and left alone if the auto re-Boost option is selected. This allows users to have a more hands-off approach to earning through Boosting.


- Keep re-Boosting ALL your earnings - delaying the desire for instant gratification -- to ensure that your money and earnings are always working as hard as you are.


- Make sure that you are a Power User so that you can attain the highest possible returns on your Boosting portfolios – among other ways to earn.



Boosting Reminder


No one can predict what Boost returns will be in the future.


FanBox cannot and does not make any guarantees or promises towards what anyone's return will be -- or even that it will be a positive return.


Remember, when you Boost, you are simply paying for Ads for advertisers -- and even though those ads are being served on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis -- meaning that you only pay if there's a click - there are no assurances that the overall transaction will be a profitable one -- and so you could (and without a doubt, many people definitely do and will) incur a loss on those Ads and hence their boosts


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